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We guarantee that transactions are written to the QIF files correctly. There are some inadequacies on importing QIF files. Therefore we need to identify the specific MYM transaction that may not be translated by MYM2QIFW correctly into the QIF file. When we duplicate that here; we both make a credit back and also work to make a change to MYM2QIFW to make the output work. If you suspect a problem, please forward one or more specific transaction example where MYM2QIFW does not translate a transaction correctly to QIF format. We will import the transaction as described and translate it into a QIF file and test importing it. This feedback has allowed problems previously encountered to be corrected in the current version.

Please paste the text from the resulting mym2qifw.log and mymaccts.qif files into an email message to, when reporting problems associated with the way that MYM2QIFW is processing your MYM data.

Any time there is a problem with MYM2QIFW running abnormally; please press <Ctrl+Shift+D> at the "QIF Types and MYM Version Options" screen. This will cause debugging information to be written to the mym2qifw.log file.

Refund policy

A refund check or charge credit can be made if you discover a situation where MYM2QIFW does not write a transaction into a QIF file correctly and you send to us the mym2qifw.log file and the example transaction that produces the error in the QIF file. To avoid this situation as much as possible please run MYM2QIFW, prior to registering, for a test to see that MYM2QIFW is able to read your MYM data files.

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