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This page contains links to files we are making available for FTP download. Click on the appropriate link under the Download section of a file's description to begin downloading. These archives impliment the WinZip Self-Extracting function when they are run from within Windows. They open to either a "UnZip to" or "Setup" dialog where the destination directory and various options are selected, before the files are extracted and copied.

Please follow the processing steps to completely evaluate the translation done by MYM2QIFW. Then when satisfied that MYM2QIFW is working, proceed to the Get Key link where the registration fee is $21.

Note that the QIF method remains supported in Quicken 2002, 2003, & 2004.

Some Third Party Utilities are available and may be usefull. A definition of the file formats is available at the bottom of this page. All file sizes are exact number of bytes (not KB), and can therefore be used to determine if the download was successful. The archives are also mirrored at, in case there is any problem retrieving from this page.

MYM2QIFW archive files:

Kids Math:


Get Acrobat

MYM2QIFW program file archive

All files required to run MYM2QIFW:

Contained the mym2q545.exe (or archive:
Filename Bytes Date Version Description
readme.txt 5,027 03-05-00 5.36 Installation instruction
mym2qifw.exe 520,448 02-05-01 5.45 Translator executable
mym2qifw.hlp 105,479 07-31-97 5.13 Help file
mym2qifw.pdf 59,054 06-26-99 5.31 Proceedure file in Adobe Acrobat format
cmdialog.vbx 18,688 05-14-95 Common Dialog Interface
gauge.vbx 31,440 10-21-92 2.0.9000.1 Progress bar display routine
vbrun300.dll 398,416 05-06-94 3.00.0538 VB Run time library
msafinx.dll 31,744 04-28-93 1.00.000 Library containing IIF function
xbs200.dll 296,832 08-15-95 2.50.1117 Installable ISAM
vbdb300.dll 95,200 04-25-95 3.00.0529 VB Data Access library
msajt112.dll 17,440 04-25-95 1.99.1605 Jet Engine library
msajt200.dll 995,136 08-15-95 2.50.1606 Jet Engine V2.5 library
Download: mym2q545.exe (1,384,635 bytes)
Last updated: Feb 5, 2001.
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Latest MYM2QIFW program update

This archive contains the one MYM2QIFW program file, and possibly the mym2qifw.hlp; Windows help file also, if it was updated. Generally these are the only two files that need to be replaced when updating to the latest program version, if an earlier mym2q5xx.exe or m2qx5xx.exe archive had been previously downloaded.

Contents of the m2q543.exe (or archive:
Filename Bytes Date Description
mym2qifw.exe 520,448 02-05-01 MYM2QIFW program file
mym2qifw.hlp 105,479 07-31-97 MYM2QIFW help file
mym2qifw.pdf 59,054 06-26-99 Proceedure file in Adobe Acrobat format
Download: m2q545.exe (355,775 bytes)
Last updated: Feb 5, 2001.
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RMSortQIF program

RMSortQIF reads any QIF file that is selected for input. RMSortQIF records all transactions from the !Type:Invst sections for all accounts within the QIF file. RMSortQIF then writes one QIF for each security. Each of these output QIF files contain all of the transactions found for the one particular security, and are named using that securities name. RMSortQIF can append transactions from multiple input QIF files into the same set of output files.
This program will only run in Windows95,98 or WindowsNT.

Download: RMSQ101.exe (2,168,832 bytes)
Last updated: Feb 13, 1999, RMSortQIF V1.0.1
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Kid's FlashCard program

We made FlashCard to help our kids memorize their add, multiply, subtract, and devide tables.
We made Aly's Star to help solve a puzzle.
These programs are FreeWare.

Download: FlashCard.exe (1,823,032 bytes)
Last updated: Aug 3, 1997.
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File Formats

.bas    Visual Basic source file, in text format
.exe    Windows executable program
.dll	Windows dynamic link library
.vbx	Custom control primarily used in VB
.ocx	OLE control that uses COM
.txt	ASCII text file
.diz	Archive ID file
.mdb	MS Access database file
.hlp	Windows help file
.ps     PostScript file
.ps.Z   compressed PostScript file, for UNIX
.pdf	Portable document format by Adobe
.doc	MS Word document
.xls	MS Excel document
.tar    UNIX archive file
.tar.Z  compressed UNIX archive file
.zip    Windows or DOS archive file
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