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MS Money Byte size
  wm1248.exe 148,536 This archive contains a MS Excel macro that converts flat data to a file format (Quicken(R) Interchange Format [QIF]) that can be recognized by Microsoft Money
CSV2QIF 245,512 A flexible Excel Add-in that with user specified mapping and formats that reads rows of values and writes then into QIF files. Description
CSV2QIF 3,060,711 Same as above with complete setup DLL files (first time download). Description

MYM Windows Byte size Back to Top
  VER2A.EXE 184k MYMWIN 2.0a Maintenance Release for use with MYMWIN 2.0 ONLY !!
  VER2A.TXT 6k Installation instructions and important information regarding VER2A.EXE

MYM DOS Byte size Back to Top
  CONV9.EXE 1.36MB Utility to convert older versions of MYMDOS to MYDOS version 9 format
  V12UPDT.EXE 534k Updated Program files for use with MYMDOS v.12 ONLY !!
  V12HELP.EXE 263k Updated Help file for use with MYMDOS v.12 ONLY !!
  UPDATE12.TXT 3k Instructions for installing V12UPDT.EXE and V12HELP.EXE
  0CHP.EXE 178k Corrects the reported problem with the Validate feature. MYMDOS v.11 ONLY !!
  0CHP.TXT 1k Installation instructions for 0CHP.EXE
  3CHP.EXE 281k Allows use of new area codes for CheckFree merchants. MYMDOS v.11 ONLY !!
  3CHP.TXT 1k Installation instructions for 3CHP.EXE
3CHPv12.ZIP 293k Corrects Y2K date problem when using recurrent CheckFree transactions.
3CHPv12.TXT 1k Installation instructions for 3CHPv12.ZIP MYMDOS v.12 ONLY!
  NWFIX.EXE 60k NetWorth History fix. MYMDOS v.10 ONLY !
  NWFIX.TXT 1k Installation instructions for NWFIX.EXE
  CFEXPORT.EXE 54k Utility for exporting Card File data from MYM-DOS versions 8-10 into ASCII comma-delimited files (also called CSV or comma separated variables). This feature is built into MYM-DOS versions 11 and 12.
CSV2MDB 3.49MB Translates output from CFEXPORT to flat MDB table with fields mapped for importing directly into Outlook.

Quicken Byte size Back to Top 1,825,597 Quick Checks is a program that is designed in order to allow standard bank checks to be printed using Quicken for Windows. This program is currently outdated. At PrintMyCheck there is something similar. 116,066 The IQ program is a utility for importing stock quotes retrieved from an on-line service into Quicken for Windows, Spreadsheets, or any Windows application that can serve as a Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) client . The service used to retrieve quotes must be capable of storing quotes to an ASCII file. Each quote must be on a separate line and consist of at least a symbol and price. CompuServe, AOL, and Fidelity On-line Exchange (FOX) are just a few of the many services that are capable of storing retrieved quotes to an ASCII file.
After saving the quotes to a file, you can open the file in IQ and configure it to find each quote`s symbol and details regardless of where they are on the line. IQ will automatically convert the quotes to the comma delimited format so that they can be saved to a file, imported directly into Quicken, or dynamically imported into spreadsheets. 16,275 QuickConvert for Windows is the easiest, quickest program available to convert downloaded quote files from CompuServe or America Online files to a text file that can be imported into Quicken.

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